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LD Ranch is a 40-acre farm in rural South Dakota that breeds exceptional Katahdin hair sheep, Lowline; Mini Hereford and Scottish Highlander cattle, and hogs. We pride ourselves on producing livestock for sale and that do equally as well in the show ring.


We take great pride in raising our animals, and sometimes this means going the extra mile to make sure we are raising them like our own children.

The breeding stock is parasite resistance and forages on the local grasses.  We do not vaccinate and feed only organic forage. We believe that 100% forage-based diet and keeping the livestock on the pasture (unless the harsh South Dakota winters for them into the barn) allows them to stay healthy.

We are always willing to pass our knowledge on and also hear what others are doing.

We are members of the Katahdin Hair Sheep International club and our farm ID is SYD.

Katahdin Hair Sheep International

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