The Joys of Farrowing Pigs!

Tonight, sitting in my farrowing barn at 245 am, I’m reflecting on how after many litters of piglets… I never get tired of the sense of accomplishment by all involved when the process is complete! I feel good knowing that I supplied my sow what she required to grow a healthy litter and have the reserves she will need for the next 21 days. The sow, after 6 hours of labour, snuggles with her piglets as if to say, “a job well done. ” And the piglets, after their journey, find satisfaction in finding “their” nipple, drinking warm colostrum, and falling asleep next to their mothers warmth for their first night’s sleep outside of her womb. Life and reproduction are such miracles of God. And even though tonight went off without a single problem, its not always that way. But even with the hard deliveries, I still find myself thankful for each and every survivor and sad for those that almost made it.

Tomorrow at 845 am, 90+ elementary students will arrive on buses for a farm tour during their last week of school before the summer break. What a special surprise for them to see 6 hour old piglets!!!

I’m so grateful that God gave me the opportunities that he has here on earth so that myself, along with several kids who have never had such an experience can see the miracle of life, all from a sow and her 7 little piglets.

1 thought on “The Joys of Farrowing Pigs!”

  1. As and animal lover myself it is always amazing to see new babies being born weather a piglet, lamb or calf. it is a miracle from God. Do you ever wonder how that all works a sow can have a litter of pigs consiting of 5 to ??? piglets, in 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days, hmm. It takes a cow 9 months to have a calf and usually only one.
    a sheep tales 5 months and can have 1 to 4 lambs. its amazing !!!!!
    To have the kids to come out and experience farm life, I love to se the look on there faces to see a new born piglet, they want to hold that tiny thing and cuddle with it is priceless. It is fun to watch there faces. what a learning experience. how wonderful it is for you to open that up to them.

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