When we sold our first lamb we collected as much information as possible so that we can use it as an example for people that are new to buying whole lambs. Remember this is one animal, the details will vary from one animal to another.

Live Weight

Live weight: 135 lb

Lamb was 8.5 months old and was raised on a 100% grass fed diet. He is the lamb in the center of the photo with black spots.

Hanging Weight

Hanging weight: 67.5 lb.

This is 50% of the live weight which is typical for sheep.

Final Weight

Final weight: 46.7 lb.

Cut Weight (lb)
Front shanks (bone-in) 2.53
T-bone/Porterhouse chops (bone-in) 6.06
Neck roast (bone-in) 2.47
Rib chops (bone-in) 4.53
Shoulder roast 1.72
Boneless breast 4.89
Shoulder stew meat 6.96
Boneless leg roast 5.31
Boneless leg roast 5.00
Sirloin kebabs 2.68
Rear shanks (bone-in) 2.36
Trim for ground 2.20